The Big Event

the big eventHow to organise a Regatta.

The concise, step-by-step, event planning and management manual.

“Making your regatta memorable, rather than just a memory”

I have designed this manual as a soft, step-by-step guide principally for clubs who are at the embryo stage of event hosting (in this case week-end regatta catering for a single class.)

It takes the reader through every stage of the process: from the transfer of a notion into a hard application; from the award of an event by a class association, to the creation of a plan; to an event strategy; to the “meeting & greeting” of the first guest. As well as counting down month-by-month, week-by-week, and indeed day-by-day, The Big Event also walks you through, on an hourly basis, the “dos and don’ts” of the ashore activities while the fleet are afloat. The Big Event is littered with wicked sketchings alongside features such as: how to conduct a prize giving, marketing, preparing for protest meetings, setting up a reception/entry desk, and of course the business of… toileting.

For the experienced management teams it will also act as a handy reference manual or aide memoir; my Big Event can be rolled out across a diverse range of regatta formats. It can assist organisers who have little, or indeed, lots of eventing experience. Throughout this manual I have focused purely on the ashore aspects of a competitive “dinghy” sailing weekend. But it can be easily adapted as a yardstick for other club events: the annual regatta, a charity pursuit race or a cruiser event. For any type of event where your club will be playing host to a band of visiting competitors. This free download should always be near to hand and with a little adapting, I see no reason why The Big Event cannot be your partner for other aquatic sporting occasions: the annual awards ceremony, the big birthday bash, the…

However, this manual does not deal with the business of running the racing; your National Sailing Authority issues specific guidance on all matters afloat, but have a look at Tony Lockett‟s extremely detailed “Racing Signals” series of instruction books.


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