WITH TWO VENUES ‘CONQUERED’ MY NERVES HAVE SETTLED, A LITTLE.  I can’t wait to get back on the road with the Chasing Shadows tour – my illustrated talk and book signing event (could be titled, the ‘ITABS’ tour?).


Next venue is Groomsport, at Cockle Island Boat Club – what a title – on 18th November. Then the following week I’m away off, over to Donegal. The next day, it’s down to Kilkeel – but more details on these later.


I still have dates available if your club or organisation would be interested in having me for an evening or day event: Call on 07809691585, or mail me at


So, where has the tour been to? I re-opened at Coleraine Yacht Club in mid October, and then presented to the Larne Probus gathering in the Halfway House hotel a week or so later. Both occasions attracted full houses.


In Coleraine I met up with some old sailing friends and shared some craic, mostly centred around the club’s renowned 24 Hour [sailing] Race…  It also spurned some good banter about seasons past when the big dinghy fleets were concentrated within GP14, Scorpions and Enterprise sailboat fleets.


At the Probus event I suffered a strange inner feeling!  Has this ever happened to you?  I was narrating a passage from Chasing Shadows when I was suddenly overcome with the feeling that everyone in the full house, was actually listening to me – then I made the mistake of glancing out over the book. I looked back, lost my place, and allowed that inner blast of nerves to unsettle me!  However, with an intake of the Antrim coast air and a gulp of water, I had steadied myself and read on – not sure if anyone noticed. If they did they were far too polite to say.


It was a good day – good, until I attempted to get into my car!  Electronic key fobs, and a run-down battery is not the most efficient combination for opening doors….  However, with the assistance of my mate George (who was just ‘up the road’) I finally got underway. But, it didn’t end there: The new battery cost £1.29, and after recourse to UTube, to understand how to open the fob, it got inserted – still the fob didn’t work; its memory had been lost. So, onward to the garage. And, £50 later …


Finally, could I say a big thank you to everyone who gave their support to my ‘ITABS’ events and if you missed out on picking up a copy of my book, simply go to Enter Chasing Shadows by TN Jobling in the appropriate box and follow the links.  You’ll receive your own hard copy in a few days…


PS: Save this date – Thursday 12th November.

All will be revealed in next week’s Larne Times out on 5th November …SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

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