Yes, I know. There has been little (none) attention paid to this site since, well, last year. Look, I’m sorry – I’ve been distracted…  But I’m back in harness and almost fully focused again.


So, what’s been happening?

1)  I got the second book finished. However, I find myself high and dry on a literary sandbank so to speak. Just as I was about to press the ‘self-pub’ button wasn’t the full manuscript called up by one of the country’s foremost publishers!  Manuscripts, piles of them, grind their way through various alcoves towards the decision makers every day. That’s why the promised novel, entitled ARTHUR’S DEAD has yet to see the light of day. It’s a waiting, waiting, waiting game. But one way or another, I am determined to have it published during this year – keep an eye out.

Still waiting...



2)  Then there was the now infamous incident of the stolen fire appliance … you may have noticed it all over the media recently? At 04.30 hours on the 5th March we (my wife and I) were unceremoniously awoken by what sounded awfully like an explosion! That said a fully loaded fire appliance – some 15 tonnes of machinery travelling at full pelt – is powerful weapon. With lights pulsing, it had torn into a line of parked cars, then careered across several front gardens before it was ‘parked’ in the front porch a dwelling within our Victorian terrace. Four cars were written off – mine was the first – and three others were badly damaged.  One of the bystanders, perhaps it was a neighbour, said that I could write a book about it (but not just at the moment). I suppose, in the end there was some positives (for me) – I found myself being interviewed for BBC, Sky, CNN and a couple of other news programmes who covered the incident. Perhaps there is no such a thing as ‘bad’ publicity – but that experience was a bit extreme. “Did I mention that I was an author…?”DSC01499


3)  I’m preparing to ‘hit the road’ again. I’m opening in the home town.  On Saturday 14th May at Larne’s beautifully restored Market Yard. I will be participating in the LATHARNA CREATIVES EXPOSITION which will run from 11:00am to 4pm nonstop throughout the day. They’ve provided me with a thirty minute slot around 1:30pm to talk, among other things, about the creation of Chasing Shadows. Needless to say, I will also be selling and signing copies of it during the day.  But more importantly, I intend to introduce the new novel; ARTHUR’S DEAD. The plan is to read the opening chapter. It’ll be a first!  If you were free and nearby I’d love to see you… Look out for my stall.


4)  The sailing season is upon us, so my writing time gets further divided.  For the next few months the afloat obsession rises to the top of my ‘must do’ list.  Me and the crew of ‘Prodigal’ have a busy season ahead of us – especially in August. But first I’ve got the get the auld boat launched.  But that is after the dreaded ‘antifouling paint’ is applied to its bottom; my favourite job – not.


Talk soon?



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