AUTHOR STUFF 1Overall it has been an active twelve months in the  promotion of my books. As such, I hope that 2018 follows in the same vein…

With that in mind, can I take this belated opportunity to say a few thanks?  To all my blog followers and those of you who supported me at the various venues which hosted the BOOKS & BOATS talks.  Of course a special thanks to you if you have purchased any of my books, either directly, via a stockist (new list below) or from Amazon/Kindle.

Being a ‘self publisher’ means that I, and I alone am responsible for not only creating the various works in the first place, but drawing up the sales plan: the marketing, staging presentations, doing radio interviews, winning stockist outlets – where the main book sellers continue to treat us ‘self sellers’ as competition. Then there is the financing: cost of proofing, cover designs and print runs. And, not forgetting the time required for organising the Books&Boats venues. But, sure … what else would a retired gentleman be doing?

But hey, as I’ve spent over 30 years locked in business (sales and marketing) it all remains, mostly, enjoyable … and more so, when it comes down to signing off copies of either, or both CHASING SHADOWS AND ARTHUR’S DEAD for yourselves, it’s a pleasure.

Updated Stockist List

Foyle Books, Magazine St., L’Derryarthurs-dead_cover_final

Smyth’s Musique&Bookstore, Railway St., Newcastle

Carlisile Book Shop, High St., Omagh

Larne Tourist & Information Centre

The Bank House, Whitehead

Sands Marine, Oxford Island, Craigavon

Bosun Bobs, High St., Bangor

The Book Nook, Main St., Larne


Bookings however, for the 2018 ‘tour’ of Books & Boats have been a bit slow on the uptake – yes, I know that I should have started earlier!


In fact, the only dent so far on the venue calendar is April 17th with the Shimna U3A group in Newcastle.  This will be my first encounter with the ‘University of the Third Age’.  Somewhat apprehensive about this presentation as there is no definitive maritime connection.

I’ll be a bit out of my comfort zone…

Currently, I continue to work on novel number three.  I was listening into the Ken Bruce show on R2 this morning (11th Jan) where the forthcoming Show Patrol album was being discussed.  Gary Lightbody was being interviewed.  He was telling how he had gone through a serious mental writing block. It had seriously slowed down the band’s out put.  ….  I had an immediate understanding of what he had gone through!  So – forgive me for aligning myself  with county Down’s finest.

I too am happy to report that the keys of my laptop are being punched again and I hope that I will be published by the summer.  Currently, my thinking is that this, novel 3 will be a stand-alone Kindle production … unless of course a kindly ‘agent’ rides over the horizon and leads me off to a commercial publisher.

That’s it for now...



Seems like a long time since I launched the current novel – ARTHUR’S DEAD.  That was way back in Nov. 2016 at Belfast’s Crescent Arts Centre!  Since then I have been touring marine establishments around Ireland – mostly yachts clubs – with my BOOK & BOATS Illustrated Talk and book signing event.  In recent weeks however, (with Christmas racing in) attention has shifted to the various pop-up arts, crafts and book fairs. A journey with mixed fortunes…

On the upside though, just broke into the final carton of books!

Also and in an attempt to introduce ‘Arthur’ to, let me say, a less nautical audience I have been spending time extending my stockist network through Northern Ireland.  As things stand Arthur’s Dead can now be purchased at:  BOOK NOOK, LARNE.  THE BANKHOUSE, WHITEHEAD. SMYTH’S MUSIQUE&BOOK STORE, NEWCASTLE. FOYLE BOOKS, L’DERRY and CARLISLE BOOK SHOP, OMAGH. Both Bosun Bob Chandlery, Bangor and Down Marine can order ‘Arthur’ in, while Sands Marine, Oxford Island, Craigavon are carrying stock of my debut novel; Chasing Shadows.

If however your reading is via Kindle just use this link which will take you to ARTHUR …

https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=arthur%27s+dead+by+thomas+jobling -  Arthurs-Dead_Cover_FINAL DCC POSTER




Miles will surely be clocked up as we prepare for the February tour.

Meet-the Author & Book Signing Events will be kicking off with a ‘home gig’ at East Antrim Boat Club, Larne on Wednesday evening 1st Feb. from 8pm.

For the following week it’s over the border and down to County Dublin where Skerries Sailing Club will be hosting me. Then back North and into Bangor and, yeah, back down South again, to Greystones… in March


1st – LARNE : East Antrim Boat Club @ 8pm

8th – Co. DUBLIN : Skerries Sailing Club @ 8pm

14th – BANGOR : Ballyholme Yacht Club @ 8p


8th – WICKLOW : Greystones Sailing Club @8pm

Currently we are talking to a number of locations around Northern Ireland for the month of March.  As yet nothing has been firmed up.

Finally if you are, or  have been unable to get to any of the aforementioned venues Arthur’s Dead can be purchased through Amazon for download onto Kindle devices, Tablets or Smartphones.


Thomas Jobling




For sure the official launch of Arthur’s Dead way back in November at the Crescent Arts Centre in uptown Belfast was a huge success.   In terms of turnouts and books sold (and signed) the ‘tour’ has continued in the same vein. 

The energy and enthusiasm generated at each of these ‘Meet-the-Author & Book Signing Events’ hosted so far has surpassed everything I hoped for – thank you. 

  • Direct sales are, I’m delighted to report, are ahead of target.  For someone who has been in the sales game for most of his working life, that statement  is music to the ear!  

    So, where next with the ‘Arthur programme?

    JAN. 11th : Cultra @ Royal North of Ireland YC

    FEB. 1st  :  Larne @ East Antrim Boat Club

    FEB. 8th  :  Co. Dublin @ Skerries Sailing Club

    FEB. 14th  :  Bangor @ Ballyholme YC (provisional)

    March TBA  :  Newtownards, Donaghadee & Donegal

So a busy wee period ahead for Thomas Jobling. As well as the ‘tour’ a number of person-to-person interviews are being arranged – keep your ears open and your eyes peeled, you’ll be surprized where I’ll pop up!

In the meantime, I’d be delighted if you were to pop into any of the above locations (best to call the venue first…), and of course I wish you all a prosperous 2017.

Finally, finally; arthurs-dead_cover_finala big thank you if you’ve already bought ‘Arthur’ whether as a download or in paperback.  Remember, I’m not too far away (in NI) if you need a gift wrapped & signed copy for that ‘boat mad’ friend’s birthday – message me on FB or call on 07809691585…


YES, IT WAS INDEED A SUCESSFUL LAUNCH. With a huge turnout and with the support of my family of helpers – daughter Gemma, her husband Mark and my wife Jane we easily prepared The Cube theatre at the Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast for the onslaught…

I was thrilled to be supported by some folk from the Larne Drama Circle: Jay, Lucinda, Simon and everyone’s favourite ‘Ma’, Olivia.  They just brought the readings to life.

So, that was last Wednesday (23th Nov) – now all eyes are focused on the County Antrim Yacht Club in Whitehead this Wed (30th) where I open the ‘meet-the-author & book signing tour’ or as I’ve re-titled it –

The ARTHUR’S DEAD (ly) Serious About His Meet-the-Author & Book Signing event, TOUR.

Yeah, a bit of a mouthful…

The ‘Tour, I’m delighted to report is filling up nicely: After Whitehead I’m booked for Cultra, Co Down at Royal North of Ireland YC on January 11th, then it’s back to Larne on 1st Feb at East Antrim Boat Club.  Also, I am in conversation with venues in Cushendall, Donaghadee, Newtownards, Bangor and Derry…

In the meantime, if you would care to purchase the said novel (pictured) it can be downloaded from Amazon on Kindle, ipads and smart phones.  Alternatively, contact me directly for the paperback version – best to Message me via my Facebook page initially.

That’s it for now, more news on venues shortly.

Tom Jobling

Still waiting...

Still waiting…